Welcome to Tokyo Friends! We hold monthly international party in central Tokyo, Japan. Our aim to to create a platform where people can meet new people and make new friends. Please join us!

Christmas International Party – Tokyo Friends

Tokyo Friends Christmas International Party

Christmas season is a time that is supposed to evoke joy, happiness and the excitement of winding the year.

Christmas in Japan is very different from Christmas in the West.  Christmas falls on December 25, every year.  Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan and people are expected to work if it falls on a weekday.  Instead, people in Japan celebrate Christmas by eating out at KFC and ordering fancy Christmas cakes.  It is also a time for couples to celebrate together.

Tokyo Friends holds special Christmas International party in celebration of the holiday and getting ready for the New Years.  Come join us if you have free time and make new friends for the next year.


Event: Tokyo Friends Christmas International Party
Date: Usually the weekend of the Christmas week (~ December 20-30)
Time: Evening (6:30pm – 9:00pm)
More Information: Please visit Tokyo Friends for more information about the Christmas Party.

Tokyo Friends

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