Welcome to Tokyo Friends! We hold monthly international party in central Tokyo, Japan. Our aim to to create a platform where people can meet new people and make new friends. Please join us!

International Party in Akasaka, Tokyo

Tokyo Friends holds monthly parties in Tokyo.  We occasionally change venues and hold international parties in Akasaka, Tokyo.  Our party location venue changes often; something we hold parties at clubs, bars, restaurants or event spaces.  Please check our website, Tokyo Friends, for the latest information on our Akasaka International Party.


Akasaka is one of the 23 wards that form Tokyo, Japan.   Akasaka is a major commercial center, with many of the biggest foreign companies in the area. Akasaka is known as one of the main business district in Tokyo.

Location: Akasaka Tokyo
Population: 240000 People
Size: 20 km²
JR Train Platform:  None
Subway: Tokyo Metro TOEI Oedo
Akasaka Party: Click here for more International Party in Akasaka

Akasaka is home to many of the foreign company headquarters and home to many of the foreign embassies.  Akasaka is located close to Nagatacho and Roppongi

Akasaka is serviced by the following trains:

  • Tokyo Metro Subway
  • Toei Subway

Are you new to Akasaka?  Want to meet new people and make new friends with people living in Akasaka?  If so, please join our Akasaka International Party.


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