Welcome to Tokyo Friends! We hold monthly international party in central Tokyo, Japan. Our aim to to create a platform where people can meet new people and make new friends. Please join us!

International Party in Chiba, Japan

Tokyo Friends holds monthly parties in Chiba, Japan.  We occasionally change venues and hold international parties in Chiba.  Our party location venue changes often; something we hold parties at clubs, bars, restaurants or event spaces.  Please check our website, Tokyo Friends, for the latest information on our Chiba International Party.


Chiba is one of the Kanto area primary seaports, and is home to Chiba Port, which handles one of the highest volumes of cargo in the nation. Much of Chiba is residential, although there are many factories and warehouses along the coast.

Location: Chiba Japan
Population: 1000000 People
Size: 3500 km²
JR Train Platform: JR Sobu
Subway:  Keiyo Line Keisei Line
Chiba Party: Click here for more International Party in Chiba

Chiba is home to the largest airport in Japan, Narita Airport.  Tokyo Disneyland is also located in the Chiba prefecture.

Chiba is serviced by the following trains:

  • JR Trains
  • Keiyo Line
  • Keisei Line

Are you new to Chiba?  Want to meet new people and make new friends with people living in Chiba?  If so, please join our Chiba International Party.


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