Welcome to Tokyo Friends! We hold monthly international party in central Tokyo, Japan. Our aim to to create a platform where people can meet new people and make new friends. Please join us!

How to Make New Friends in Tokyo, Japan?

Making new friends in any place is hard.  Fortunately, in Tokyo, there are many ways to make new friends. We will talk about three different ways below:

  1. Language Exchange: One of the best ways to meet new people is through language exchange.  If you are a native speaker of English, Chinese, French, Italian or any languages, there are many local Japanese people who want to learn that language in exchange for Japanese.  You can find language exchange partners via Meetups, International Parties or Language Exchange websites.
  2. Meetups: There are many meetups for different activities you can join to meet new people.  Meetup groups include language exchange, sports (bowling, soccer, dodgeball) to self-improvements like improving public speaking such as Toastmaster groups.
  3. International Parties:  International parties are a great way to meet a lot of people.  Usually, international parties have 100-200 people attending so you can definitely find someone that matches your preference.  Tokyo Friends International Party is one of the most popular international parties in Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo Friends

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